The Book of Cosplay Sewing [ENG]
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  • The Book of Cosplay Sewing [ENG]

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    The Book of Cosplay Sewing Starting from Zero By ordering this book you’ll get easy...mehr
    Produktinformationen "The Book of Cosplay Sewing [ENG]"

    The Book of Cosplay Sewing

    Starting from Zero

    By ordering this book you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations for the following points:

        Introduction to tools, machines and materials
        Sewing machine and serger
        Choosing the right fabric
        Three useful hand-stitches
        Working with stretch materials
        Sewing simple gloves with lycra (drawing a pattern on paper)
        Sewing leggings with jersey (creating patterns from old clothes and working with a serger)
        Sewing a dress with satin (working with store bought patterns)
        Sewing a boot cover with faux leather (creating patterns with duct tape)
        Attaching armor to fabric

    I’ll also cover these useful techniques:

        Creating a mock-up
        Adjusting patterns
        Placing a zipper
        Adding lining
        Many more useful tips

    As well as the following work examples:

        Cleric (Aion)
        Xena: Warrior Princess
        Monk (FFXIV)

    High quality print edition. Soft cover, 52 pages, full color print. Perfect as a gift or for browsing while you work!

    by Kamui Cosplay

    English Version

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