Worbla's Transpa Art

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Worbla's Transpa Art

Worbla's Transpa Art is Worbla's option for those looking for a resilient, non-toxic and solvent stable clear plastic that can be hand formed and vacuformed with ease.
Fantastic for ice, crystal and fire effects, 'invisible' foundations, and anything else you can imagine, Worbla's Transpa Art has similar flexibility and weight to Worbla's Finest Art and shares the ability to reblend scraps to recycle everything, while being incredibly resilient to stress.
Lighter than acrylic sheeting and more durable than PETG, TranspArt is resistant to cracks, fractures and shattering under pressure, maintaining a unique flexibility that returns to form when bent.
Worbla's Transpa Art is non-toxic and skin safe and can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear. Worbla's Transpa Art can take deep curves and be deep drawn. A heat gun is the best way to shape it as it requires a higher activation temperature than other Worbla products ( 120° Celsius or 250° Fahrenheit ). As such it's strongly advised you wear smooth work gloves when using Worbla's TranspArt. (Remember, you are heating it above the boiling point of water). It's also recommended that you use a damp sponge for shaping, to avoid marks and prints, and a firm toothbrush or other sculpting tools can be helpful to get small complex curves to shape.
When the scraps are blended, they take on a milky, frosted look that's great to diffuse light. Scraps can't be reblended into 'sheet' form, and the more they are worked the more milky they will become, so mind that the longer you work the material, the more transparency will be lost.
You can paint the interior of your shape, leaving the high gloss finish of the plastic to remain. It's also easy to restore rough areas by applying lacquer or clear nail polish to dull areas. Worbla's Transpa Art can be painted with acrylics, spray paint, glass paint, spray tints, and also dyed with polyester dyes such as iDye Poly.
Plate Size: S - 50cm x 37,5cm M - 75cm x 50cm
Material Properties: transparent thermoplastic
Content: 0,38 m2
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