Worbla's Black Art

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Worbla's Black Art

Worbla's Black Art is a sister product to Worbla's Finest Art, with a smoother texture and less adhesive, allowing for fine detail sculpting as well as a more forgiving surface for placing details and editing work in progress.
Worbla's Black Art is a non-toxic and skin safe thermoplastic and can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear. Black Art can take complex curves without requiring a vacuform, and will stick to itself, meaning no additional glues are needed to work with this material.
You use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There's no waste because your scraps can be re-used! These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty, and many artists use Worbla's Black Art instead of clay to create near-indestructible pieces.
Worbla's Black Art can be painted with just about any paint, wax or finish. Black Art's texture is finer compared to Finest Art, and you may choose to leave it unprimed before painting it, or prime it with Gesso, laminating glue, wood glue. WBA will need less priming than Finest Art, which can save time on larger builds.
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