Worbla: one material - endless possibilities

Worbla is a thermoplastic that can be deformed by using heat. Worbla enables props, figures and many more to be made in a cheap and simple way. The imagination knows no Limits!

A hot air blower is recommended. When heated, Worbla becomes soft, sticky and pliable. In this state it can be brought into any shape.


Once heated, the plastic sticks to itself and other materials. No glue is therefore necessary. If something went wrong, you can simply reheat the worbla and continue working on it. Baking paper is suitable as a base, as the coating prevents the worbla from sticking.


You can also heat the worbla with a normal hair dryer, so that children can also use it to tinker with it. However, in this case the plastic has to be heated longer.


Worbla comes from Cast4Art and is made in Germany. The products are completely harmless and free of harmful substances.


 Worbla does not cause dirt. It can be sanded, sanded and filed, easily sealed and painted with any color. At Worbla there is no waste and cuttings - all leftovers can be reused.

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