Many wigs are in stock, but some are only available as pre order- more info’s see at the bottom.



Today cosplayers as well as other people do have high expectations when it comes to wigs,
this is the reason why we have over 400 wigs in our product line right now.

For example, we have already pre styled Character Wigs, 160 cm long wigs from Assist, our exclusive "All-Around" styling wigs with 80cm long hair all around and much more.
Since we know blond is not simply blond and blue not simply blue, we do have over 200 nuances.

All wigs are made from head resistance material (Henlonhair), so you can style them with a hairdryer or iron if you like.
Also, the wig caps are size adjustable to fit you the best way they can.

And if this is still not enough for you, we have weft in many colors available as well. With them you can easily add more volume, braids etc. to your wig.
Wefts are sold by the meter.