Wig FAQs

Interesting facts about wigs

The perfect hairstyle is always part of your costume. But very few people have hair like anime characters or comic heroes, so wigs are an important cosplay accessory. So you can be someone different every day without coloring your hair or standing in front of the mirror for hours. How you'll find a suitable wig and how to care for it? We have the answers! Also: how to make simple Stylings - get your hairspray and then let's go!


Wigs are made of hair that is woven into threads - the so-called "wefts". (pic 1) The strands are sewn onto a net or a mesh made of elastic bands, the so-called "Montur". The gear is the inner workings of every wig, which you cannot see if the wig is properly styled. The more wefts are sewn into a wig, the thicker it is. (Fig. 2) Good wigs do not consist entirely of wefts, but have a particularly tightly knotted area on top of the head so that they can be parted like natural hair. Most cosplay wigs have an imitation scalp or skin top, which is a skin-colored piece made of soft plastic into which the hair is drawn individually. The bigger this top, the more versatile the wig can be parted and styled. (Fig. 3 and 4) Wigs for Cosplay are always made of synthetic fibers. Human hair wigs are much more expensive and cannot be styled as versatile. Henlon-Hair is a popular synthetic fiber, which is also available in over 200 color nuances.


You can buy wigs online, but also at conventions in all colors, shapes and price ranges. It is difficult to keep an overview and it is not uncommon for you to be very disappointed when you unpack your wig and wear it for the first time. Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing. Price rule: the longer the wig, the higher the price should be. Cheap wigs are often too thin or of poor quality. If you order a wig from abroad, there may be high shipping costs and customs duties. You will also have to accept longer waiting times. Always keep this in mind when comparing prices. Make sure that the hair has a natural, silky shimmer (like healthy hair) and does not look too dull or have a plastic-like sheen.

Good fibers do not tangle as quickly and are easier to comb than inferior fibers. The longer the hair, the more important the quality is! You can get wig colors and additional synthetic hair ("extensions") in all colors of the rainbow. If you order wigs more often, it is worth buying a color ring or asking the dealer for samples. The color of a wig can always be better judged in real life than in photos on the screen.


If you don't want to style the wig yourself, opt for a pre-styled cosplay or fashion wig, preferably with a layercut. Layered, slightly wavy or curly wigs look the most natural and fall more beautifully than when the hair simply hangs down straight. If you are looking for a wig to style, the best thing to do is to choose one that is not layered, but rather where all hair is the same length (keyword: our all-around wig). The thicker the wig, the more you can make of it. A large, tightly knotted faux scalp is a plus because it allows you to part the hair, comb the hair back from the forehead, or comb more hair forward to cut a pony. Many pre-styled wigs only have a narrow imitation scalp or a small round one in the middle, so that you cannot change the parting without being able to see the inner workings.




















The most important tool is a comb or and detangle brush (A). Normal hairbrushes are not suitable for wigs as they are pulling out too much hair! Use either a special wig brush or a wide-toothed comb (streak comb). For finer stylings you need a stick comb (B) to separate the hair. Best buy one hair-friendly comb, molded plastic comb or
a wooden comb. A backcomb brush (C) is not a must, but it is helpful for many styles. By backcombing you can get more volume at the base.