Weft 50cm x 100cm | V77 Maleficent

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The hair length is 100cm

1,50 €
3,00 € per 1 m
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Weft 50cm x 100cm | V77 Maleficent


You get our wefts in the widths you really need: Starting by 50cm for 1,50€

The hair length is 100cm

If you by this product three times, you'll get a weft with 150cm width for 4,50€

Weight for 50cm: about 55g

The first 30cm of the weft are thicker. You'll see there some shorter hair and that's ok. It's because of the production process.

The wefts match the color of our wigs. Just take a look at the color code.

The fiber is heatresistant up to 280°C - but you need only about 80°C for Curling.

color IDs: V77 Maleficent
color range: Vivid
haircolor: grey
Content: 50,00 cm