Vampire Fangs 15mm

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Looks very natural - available in 4 sizes

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Vampire Fangs

Can be ordered in 4 sizes

Material: these vampire fangs are made of dental composite resin, non-toxic, tasteless and hygienic, tooth-proof and realistic looking

Easy to use: Put hot water, about 80°C-90°C in a cup or bowl, then add about 10 of the included beads into the hot water. These then become soft and transparent. Take it out with a spoon and wait a moment until you can get a good grip on the impression material. Place briefly on a kitchen towel to absorb the remaining water. Then you fill the still soft molding compound into the vampire tooth and then press this part against your own canine tooth.

Wait a moment and check that the tooth is sitting properly and wait until the impression material has completely hardened.

Now the vampire tooth has a perfect imprint of your own tooth and you can put it on and take it out again and again. If the tooth still wobbles a bit, then take the impression again. You can heat and reshape the impression material / pellets again and again. In addition, you can use adhesive cream for the third teeth!

Not suitable for children under the age of 16

Not suitable for wearers of braces or for people with dentures or dentures / prostheses

Do not use under the influence of alcohol

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