Styling Service: Bangs

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You need to see something during wearing your wig? We got you covered!

Price on request
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Styling Service: Bangs

Shorten, thin out or style? We do the styling for you!

Are you going to buy a new wig from us, but don't want to style the fringe yourself? No problem, we'll take care of that. We charge depending on the effort. If the pony just needs to be shortened and thinned out, it costs €15. If you want us to style the bangs to match your character, it costs from €25 - let us make you a non-binding offer.

Write to us at and send us at least two, maximum 4 pictures of the desired hairstyle. Links to more photos are welcome.

The delivery time for the finished wig depends on the current order situation. Please tell us the exact date by which the wig has to be ready!

You have already bought a wig somewhere else, but the bangs also have to be cut, but no hairdresser dares to do it? Then also send us pictures of the wig and the desired styling. We will make you a non-binding offer and tell you whether the hairstyle you want can be made with the basic wig or not. If you want to accept our offer, you have to pay for the shipping of the wig to us and back to you, as well as the costs for the agreed styling.