Siligum - Abdruckmasse

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Very fast setting, two-component silicone moulding paste.

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Very fast setting, two-component silicone moulding paste.
To mould small objects and flat decorations 110 g is sufficient to create up to 3 moulds of 4 cm in diameter. For amateur and professional adults.
It is easy to mould and reproduce all sorts of objects. The choice of the mouldingproduct depends on the shape and consistency of the subject, casting material and the number of copies desired. Measure out 1 part blue component (resin) to one part white component (hardener). Mix quickly (30 seconds) by rolling the mixture as a rod. The mixture should have a light blue uniform colour. Make a ball and crush the object laid flat by covering it with a layer of 3 to 4 mm thick.
Working time: 2 to 3 min
Setting time: about 5 min at a temperature of about 23 °C from the time the impression was made. To have more time for application, place the paste in the refrigerator for around 1 hour before making the mixture.
Pour the reproductive material: plaster, crystal resin, reconstituted stone; unmould after drying. Let dry and decorate.
Content: 100,00 g