Lucky Bag

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a surprise bag with various items from the myCostumes range
30,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (nur DHL möglich)
Available from: 02.01.2022

myCostumes Lucky Bag

a surprise bag with various items from the myCostumes range

Our popular New Year's custom is entering the next round! Here is a description for everyone who is new to our Lucky Bags: You buy a bag with a value of e.g. € 50 and you get items with a value of € 100. Only what the bag contains is left to chance.

On the article picture you can see what could be included, for example:

• Wigs

• Craft material

•Make up


•Contact lenses

• Cosplay accessories

• SFX makeup


• and much more

What can also be included: Articles that we do not have in our range, such as wigs specially ordered for customers, but which have then been canceled and therefore need a new home. Remaining stocks of paint or handicraft material that has been taken out of the range over the year. Cloth masks. However, these articles are assessed with a very low value of goods.

What cannot be included:

• Wefts (since the yard goods are specially cut by us, this is too time-consuming)

• costumes (we don't have them any more)



If you do not like it, the complete bag can be sent back without any problems! Please do not complain such as "I wanted a blue wig, now I've got a brown one !!!!" on the internet. It's a lucky bag and you get random goods sent for at least twice the purchase price. if you don't like the content, write to us and send the article back.



Sales start on January 2, 2022 from 10 a.m.

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