GÉDÉO Color - Resin

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Make your own colorful gemstones

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Color Resin - Gemstones
Use Pébéo GÉDÉO resins for coating, inclusions, casting or pouring as colorful painting mediums; new uses with endless creative possibilities!
> Mix two parts resin for one part of hardener.
> Can be applied in layers to create overlays.
> Resins may be used in overlay with Fantasy Prisme and Moon colors, Vitrail, Ceramic and Studio Acrylics colors and mediums to create a wide range of magnificent effects such as precious stones, marbling, glass-like effects and more.
> Can be used to secure and fasten small objects on flat surfaces by embedding them in a coat of freshly applied resin.
> Crystal Resin may be tinted with up to 10% Vitrail or Ceramic.
> Completely dry in approximately 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the application.
> Crystal and Color Resins can be used as a protective coating on most surfaces or simply poured over completely dry Fantasy, Vitrail and Ceramic colors (minimum of 7 days) to add depth and brilliance to creations.
Helpful hints
> For layered effects, apply a first thin layer ; allow to cure, and then pour a second layer.
> To add inclusions, pour a thin layer of resin first, allow to cure, add objects, and pour a second layer to retain them.
May be cast in silicone molds, or be directly poured on most raw or painted surfaces (once completely dry) : Pébéo Liquid Art panels, glass, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas, plastic, ceramic, as well as on jewelry bases and decorative objects.
Content: 150,00 ml
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