Farbe Cosplay Wig

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Farbe Cosplay Wig

made of synthetic hair

The hair fiber (Henlon Hair) is heat-resistant up to a maximum of 280 ° - 70 ° - 80 ° C are sufficient for hairdressing and styling

The wig hood is adjustable in size and fits up to a head circumference of a maximum of 60 cm in shape. 

Use conventional hairspray to finish your hairstyle


The wig can be stored in the bag it comes in. However, if you want to display them in your room or continue hairdressing, we recommend buying a styrofoam head or a wig stand. The wig is washed with wig shampoo: simply put some lukewarm water in the sink, add a dollop of shampoo and let the previously brushed wig soak in the water for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water and let the wig dry on a towel or over a wig stand. If you want to do something good for your wig, you can repeat the washing process with the wig balm, but without washing it off with clear water at the end.

Washing does not loosen any knots from the wig! To get your wig free of knots again, spray the dry hair of your wig with wig conditioner (optionally Wig Wonder), wait a moment and then patience the wig from bottom to top. Curly wigs are also and must be brushed in this way. The curls do not come out and you can bring the curly strands back into shape individually after brushing by twisting them briefly with your finger.

Long hair wigs in particular tend to become matted at the nape of the neck and at the ends of the hair. Brushing the hair too often and too hard can make the synthetic hair frizzy. You can get the synthetic hair straight again by blow-drying the frizzy areas with your hair dryer. The heat of the blow dryer ensures that the hair is straightened.

To keep the wig on your head, pull a wig cap or a hairnet under the wig. Attention: the net in which the wig is packed on delivery is only used to protect the wig during transport and is not a substitute for a real wig cap.

With the wig starter set you are perfectly equipped.

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