Cosplay wig - yellow - short layercut - with bangs | S05 Sunshine

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bright yellow

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Cosplay wig - yellow - short layercut - with bangs | S05 Sunshine

You can use this style for many characters, like Finnian/Black Butler, Ryouta Kise / Kurokos Basket or Naruto Uzomaki



  • this wig is heatresistant up to 280°C, but you'll need only 70°C - 80°C for styling and curls
  • hairfiber = Henlon Hair
  • the wigcap is sizeadjustable and fits for headsizes up to 60cm
  • you can wash and brush your wig
  • use common hairspray for styling



color IDs: S05 Sunshine
length: 30cm
hairstyle: layercut with bangs
haircolor: yellow