Cosplay wig / green / straight / with bangs 80cm | V11 Carrot

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Long wig made of heatresistant synthetic fiber

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Cosplay wig / orange / straight / with bangs | V11 Carrot

Long wig made of synthetic Fiber


this wig is

  • heatresistant up to 280°C (Henlon Hair) - but you need only 70°- 80°C for styling
  • sizeadjustable and it fits for headsizes with max 60cm
  • you need to brush and wash it from time to time
  • the wig has got a little skintop in the middle


Take a look at our Wig FAQ section - there you get more Information about wig care, styling and wearing


Color IDs: V11 Carrot
color range: Vivid
hairstyle: straight with bangs
haircolor: orange