Today colored contact lenses have become a fashion accessory that can change your look dramatically.
Also they are something mystical and let slip you into different roles. Especially when it comes to cosplay contact lenses just complete the whole cosplay and let it look more stunning.
But they are also worn on parties, for Halloween, Mardi Gras or simply for every day use, since they are so comfortable to wear.

Our colored contact lenses are only available without prescription, so they are not used for vision correction.

We have put together a few tips so that you can wear the colored contact lenses for a long time and with pleasure.

The eye is a sensitive organ and you should always ensure that you use colored contact lenses properly! If you are a "Contact lens beginners", you should seek advice from an ophthalmologist or optician and have your eyes checked, just to make sure everything is fine.
If your eyes are not feeling well, the following always applies in case of doubt: Give your eyes a break!

And now some tips:

  • Always ensure a hygienically perfect environment and wash your hands before each contact with your contact lenses.
    This will make it difficult for germs and bacteria to settle on the lenses.
  • A special lens case offers protection against bacteria and guarantees safe transport of the contact lenses → Lens Accessories.
  • For storage, the colored contact lenses have to be covered with a contact lens liquid and placed in a container. Make sure the liquid is well covering the lenses.
    Application errors are a possible risk of damage to the eyes.
  • Soft lenses are flexible and easy to insert. Usually they are well received by the eye and do not cause any problems. Due to their water-containing and oxygen-permeable material, the lenses can be used one year after opening if they are properly cared for.
    (look for possible deviations in the article description)
  • Lenses, such as those intended for wearing at events, should only be left in the eye for a maximum of 8 hours.
    In addition, colored lenses must not be worn while driving. The colored areas on the lens restrict the field of vision and thus also the overall perception in traffic.
  • Colored lenses must never be worn over normal power lenses. As a result, not enough oxygen gets to your eye, which can damage it.

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