Blue wig All-Around 80cm | S47 Blue Bay

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Number of orders required until this wig can be produced: 5

As soon as five customers have ordered this wig, we will produce this style. From there it takes about 3-4 weeks until you get the delivery. If no 5 orders have been placed within 4 weeks, we will contact you and you have several options:

A) we will refund your money in an uncomplicated manner

B) you choose another item instead

C) you keep waiting and hope that the 5 orders will come together soon

15,00 €
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Blue styling wig All-Around 80cm| S47 Blue Bay

The perfect styling wig - 80cm straight hair all around

This wig is really an allround wig. The bangs are also 80cm long. 

  • the fibre is heatresistant up to 280°C - but you need only about 80°C for styling and curling
  • the wig is thick, you get many wefts and the weight is approx. 400g
  • the wig cap is sizeadjustable up to 60cm
  • the skintop size is 10cm x 6cm

The wig can be easily brushed and washed. For detangling you can use the wig conditioner or the wig wonder.

color range: Soft
hairstyle: straight
length: 80cm
haircolor: blue
Color IDs: S47 Blue Bay