Assist, Nr. 1 cosplay wig brand in Japan...

Assist wigs

Assist, Nr. 1 cosplay wig brand in Japan

We are proude to offer you the top cosplay wig brand straight from Japan!
You can choose between a wide range of coulors, lengths and styles.

Since our warehouse capacity is limited we don´t have every product in stock.
But we will gladly order it for you, and send it to you together with our other products.

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Please pay Attention to our ordering cycle!
We do order every 1. and 15. of the month, so your order has to be placed before this date or will be delayed.

Premium Perücke Non Transparent

Eine "Assist Wig Original" Premium Perücke:...

Premium Ponytail Wig by Assist

Premium Ponytail Perücke Dichte Kunsthaarperücken...

Premium Ultra Super Long

Assist Wig Premium Ultra Super Long - wig with a length of 160cm...

Premium Wig Long and Curly

Premium Wig Long and Curly A wig collection by Assist Wig...

Fashion Wigs

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