* Assist Original * Wig Dye

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Special dye for all synthetic fibers

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* Assist Original * Wig Dye

Color for dyeing synthetic fiber

• Fill the pot with enough water for the wig to swim in the water

• Shake the paint bottle very well and add the desired amount of paint to the cold water

• Mixing ratio 1:20

• Bring the water and paint to boil

• Let the water cool down to 80 ° C and then submerge the wig (it is best to wear gloves)

• Remove the wig when the desired color intensity is achieved. It is best to use pliers for this!

• The longer the wig stays in the colored water, the more intense the color. Here is a recommendation from the manufacturer for the duration of the dyeing
?Short hair: approx. 8 minutes

?Medium: approx. 8-10 minutes

?Long hair approx. 10-15 minutes

• Then wash the dyed wig with lukewarm water, if necessary with shampoo and dry it. Complete!

The colors can all be mixed together.

You can not only dye wigs with it, but all types of plastic

The end result depends on the initial color of the wig, the dyeing time and the water temperature.

Ventilate the room very well while dyeing

















haircolor: orange
Content: 50,00 ml