* Assist Original * Lift up Tape PREMIUM 3m

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Big Eyes, slanted eyes, small face effect! Beige and inconspicuous!

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Assist Original Lift up Tape PREMIUM - Cosplay taping - 3m

Big Eyes, slanted eyes, small face effect!

Big Eyes, slanted eyes, small face effect! No hurt when peeling off! Premium tape for Cosplay exclusive!
- Sticking strong, but it won't hurt you when peeling off
- No problem to put over make up
- Even makeup over the tape, no problemo!
- Natural beige color merge your skin
- No need scissors, tear by fingers
- Easy taping, dramatic change of your Makeup!

Material Polyurethane nonwoven fabric, acrylic adhesive, release paper (one side release treatment) white

Length: 3m, Width: 2cm


 Please do not stick to places other than the skin.
Please peel gently and slowly so as not to damage the skin.
If you get rash during use, when you feel itching or irritation, stop using it immediately and receive a diagnosis by a dermatologist.
Because this may cause rash, please do not use this product consecutively for more than 24 hours.
Please do not use those with idiosyncratic constitution or those who have had allergic symptoms such as rash in similar products in the past.
Please do not use for infants.


Content: 3,00 m